Thursday, February 7, 2013

HazelcastMQ Stompee Now Available

After implementing Stomper, the Java STOMP server, I wanted an easy way to test it and demonstrate its functionality. As of today, Stompee, the Java STOMP client is available at GitHub. Stompee is a generic STOMP client, and therefore should work with any STOMP server, but was designed and tested against Stomper.

In most cases, you're probably better off just using the HazelcastMQ JMS APIs rather than using Stompee, but there may be some cases where you want all your components, regardless of language, using STOMP for message passing.

While working on Stompee, I found and fixed a couple of bugs in HazelcastMQ. Most importantly, I switched the queue MessageConsumer implementation from listening to Hazelcast events to using a separate polling thread. This should result in better performance and handle the case were messages queued before the consumer started are properly consumed immediately.

I added a few new examples in the hazelcastmq-examples module that demonstrates how to use Stomper, Stompee, and the JMS APIs together. At this point I'm ready to begin some serious production testing and push for a 1.0 release. Let me know what you think.

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